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Destileria Barako

Destileria Barako is an award winning Distillery gaining momentum fast across all corners of the globe, and who would’ve thought it produces it’s amazing concoctions right here, at the heart of Malay, Aklan.

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Agimat Gin

This mythical gin pays tribute to the essence of Filipino cultural vibrancy. It is crafted from a unique blend of flourishing and rare indigenous botanicals.

Spices, floral and citrus such as Ylang Ylang, Dalandan of Luzon, Yutukon, Libas Fruit representing Visayas, Biasong, and Pink Pomelo from Mindanao are blended with the finest international ingredients.

Sirena Dry Gin

Distilled with 11 locally and internationally sourced botanicals, including Philippine favourites Sampaguita, Pink Pomelo and Rambutan. Sirena Dry Gin is a modern take on dry style gins, it has all the classic Juniper flavour, with a new era craft gin approach.

Destileria Barako is the first distillery in the world to vapour infuse Rambutans and the fruit gives us its delicate scent and a delicious fruity whole mouth feel.


2019 – Platinum, Category: Gin (SIP Awards, USA)

Sirena Blue Pea Gin

Distilled with 14 locally and internationally sourced botanicals, including Philippine favorites: sampaguita, pink pomelo, and blue pea flower. Sirena is a new-age style gin, with big citrus and floral bursts – perfect for G&Ts and cocktails.

This visually stunning, distinctively coloured small-batch gin, takes your senses on a journey from deep ocean blues to a blush of seductive pinks simply by adding citrus or tonic water.


2018 – Double-gold medal (Sip Awards, USA)

2019 – Double-gold medal, Category: Flavored/Infused Gin (Sip Awards, USA)

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

The king has arrived! This is a must try!

Kanto was created to pay homage to the Filipino’s unique tagayan drinking style, by creating the most delicious drink for all Pinoys to share with friends.


2019 – Double Gold, Category: Flavored/Infused Vodka (SIP Awards, USA)